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Huge Discounts on Vacations World Wide!!!

Huge Discounts on Vacations World Wide!!!

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Publicado 17 de Diciembre / 12:47hs
Provincia Illinois
Localidad Chicago
Anunciante: AnĂ³nimo

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If you plan on traveling after February of 2018 and beyond I can offer you the most luxurious accommodations for a fraction of the price.

If you want to come to america or travel anywhere with you and your family would you rather stay in a cramped overly priced hotel room which in Las Vegas and other participating cities have the bare minimum ie; Bed , dresser, t.v, all else you have to leave your room for.
In NYC, Las Vegas, Miami, Brazil, I will provide you with a condo unit in a luxury resort, in Mexico, anywhere in the Caribbean, Europe, Canada, North and South America, Africa essentially anywhere in the world.
I have access to over 4800 luxury resorts and hotel suites that can accommodate a family of up to 10!!
And all this for a flat rate ranging from $1000-1800 and this is for 8 days 7 nights!!!
If you are not vacationing for that long then we can adjust accordingly.
I will need at least 30 days notice to arrange your accommodations and allow you to shave your room cost accommodations tremendously!

Email: Woodson@innervisionproperties.com
Phone: 34 608 7102